Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Okay, so I know I just posted around 10 minutes ago, but I've been excited about Jessica's linky party since Tuesday.  I took pictures of everything I did Tuesday and let me tell you, it was a fun day!

Welcome to a day in the life of me!

The first thing I did Tuesday is I finished this Beginning of the Year teacher packet.  I still have TONS of these to get done, but it was nice checking another one off of my list.

After I finished the packet, my hubby and I went to breakfast at one of my favorite local places.  I get their pancakes almost every time I go because they are so fluffy.  Then, I have to decide between all of the meat choices - bacon, link sausage, sausage patties, bacon, etc.  This time I went for link sausage.  I love covering my pancakes in butter and syrup.  When I finish those, I dip the link sausage into the syrup.  This is also one of the only times I had a Coke this week.  I know sad, but I just never seem to be able to drink orange juice or milk with breakfast food.  Oh, and since we are discussing my weird eating habits, I also only eat one food at a time.

When I finished breakfast, my hubby and I ran to Target so I could grab some Tylenol Sinus.  I also ended up grabbing some more gum (I LOVE Orbit strawberry and wild berry gum right now) and I grabbed a pair of shorts.

By this time, it was around 11:00.  I don't think I've told you that I was leaving to head out of town again.  My hubby and I joked all weekend that this was my vacation from vacation.  I couldn't wait to leave on this trip because I was getting to go see one of my dearest friends in the world.  Well, I definitely couldn't go visit empty-handed, so we ran to our local candy store.  Her favorite candy as long as I can remember is sour gummy worms and she always eats them with a diet Coke, so I filled up a bag of them.  I also filled up a bag of strawberry and grape gummy bears with sour strips on top for her daughter.

Then, we ran to Dick's Sporting Goods where I grabbed this hat and this little gadget.  I love hats, especially in the summer.  We were checking out, and I spotted this back rubber thing.  I think I'm hoping it will mean extra back rubs, but it will probably mean one more thing that should be in a yard sale.

So, 11:50 rolls around and um... yeah, you see this picture.  I'm not packed yet.  The goal was to leave by 12:30, but between packing, getting gifts ready, etc. I think I walked out of the house at 12:55.  I hated that I ran a little late, but on my way to her house they were cleaning up a really bad accident.  I realized if I had left on time, it could have been me in the accident.  It was definitely a reminder that sometimes running a little late can be a blessing in disguise.

Anyway, I got up there and we jumped in her car and ran to Hobby Lobby.  I had stuff I needed for the camp I am going to in a few weeks (I'm teaching arts and crafts), so we filled a buggy up.

I forgot to take pictures after that.  Between dinner, sitting around her kitchen table talking, laughing, and joking anything that may have mattered just faded into the background.  That seems to happen every time we get together.  Those are the best friends to have!  The ones that love you for you - not for your job, printables, your spouse, or your talents.  Plus, they manage to remember you are picky about green beans.  Fortunately, I have several and they are definitely a blessing and treasure to me.

Sorry if I'm rambling, but just had to brag on her for a second :)   It always stuns me how it feels like FOREVER for my trip to get here and how it is gone in a second.  Fortunately for me, I get to see her again VERY soon because you remember that trip to Hobby Lobby?  Well, I forgot to get the stuff out of her car and her hubby took it to work yesterday, so I had to come home without my arts and crafts stash.  My hubby and I are going to be meeting up with them at some point in the next few days to get everything.  I'm sure you realize how sad I am about that, right?

This day, really all four days was definitely one of my favorite parts of summer.

Hope you guys have an incredible day!

Currently: July

Good Morning!
Okay, so the July Currently is up!  Where in the world did my summer go?  I still have at least 50 things to create, organize, etc. and my summer is slipping through my fingers like a slippery snake.  Um, yeah... bad example.  Let's go with it's slipping through my fingers like water (or something like that).  I am holding on, but the days seem to be falling off the calendar faster and faster.  Do you guys feel that way (the ones of you that go back to school August 1)?

Alright, time to get to the Currently.  Remember, Farley's rule of three.  Make sure you take time to comment on the two posts before you and the one after you.  If you aren't a blogger, still take time to go read them.  I find at least three new blogs a month.

I am loving Spotify.  I am going through a Britt Nicole phase.  I love the beat of her music.  Here's a link to my Summer Chill Spotify play list.  Just click on the image.

Um... Ashley Hughes is amazing!  If you haven't checked out her giveaways yet, it is a must.  Here's a pic of what she's offering today.  She's giving away MUCH more than this, but this was one of my favorites. Click on the image to go visit her page.

Oh, friends... this To Do List gets longer and longer and this is ONLY today.  My favorite thing on the list is 2 blog posts.  One is for Farley's Currently and the other is for Second Grade Nest's "A Day in the Life of..." You can click on either link to check them out.  I'm also excited about getting all of my school orders done.  Crazy that year 12 is about to start!

Okay, so I kind of stayed up until 2:30 in the morning Friday and woke up around 6:00.  I ran like crazy yesterday at my friend's house (out of town), drove home for my hubby's birthday dinner, took a 45 minute nap, and went to an 11:30 pm movie.  That meant bedtime was around 2:30 again.  So, needless to say, I will probably take a nap today although that will cause the vicious 2:30 a.m. cycle to continue and church is tomorrow.

Okay, I know this is random, but seriously!  Why aren't play list, ice cream and wish listed compound words?  Why aren't words like linky, bloggers, printables, Spotify, Instagram, and Pinterest added to some special dictionary so they aren't considered misspelled?  I mean even fantabulous is a word!

Tips, Tricks, or Hints:
1. Be patient - I know it is hard when you first start out doing anything, but I think the key is patience.  Nothing happens overnight.  If it did, I'd be 120 pounds and I would never have to create To Do Lists.  Don't get frustrated with TPT, blogging, or even losing weight.  If you hang tight and keep working, eventually you will find success.

Erica Bohrer created this image.  Click to read her blog.
2. Be appreciative - I've seen A LOT of bloggers this week blogging about how to treat bloggers.  I know they have to be doing that because someone is not being nice.  I believe most of it is people always wanting a little more.  If it is free, take it like it is.  I know to make 3 or 4 cute common core printables, it can me an hour.  Then, it typically takes me an hour to blog.  Just say thank you... Thank you with a but (Thank you, but can you add this?) is not a true thank you.

Now, since I sound like I'm lecturing I want to make sure the ones of you following me that leave me comments know I'm not lecturing you.  You guys have truly taken great care of my heart and are why I look forward to blogging and creating freebies.  You are never hard on me and I can honestly say I don't think any of you have asked me for more.  I feel like I scored big with my followers because you might be the most appreciative, understanding blogging friends in the world!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday

Good Morning!

Here's my Five for Friday for today.  Hope you guys are having a great summer vacation!  I know I am.  Here are a few things that I've done this week.

#1 - Happy Birthday
It is this guy's birthday today!  For his birthday I got him... LOL... stayed tuned for that tomorrow.  I know my sweet hubby of mine is reading this.  He hates surprises, so I am doing my best to keep him on his toes until I've gotten him his birthday gift.  If you want to wish my other half happy birthday feel free to find him on Instagram.  His Instagram name is wheels14.

#2 - Movies
I saw two movies this week.  Fast and the Furious 6 (I think it's 6, I lost count at 3) and The Internship. Friends, I have to tell you, the previews before the movie were great.  It looks like we are about to have a few summer flicks worth watching.  Personally, I can't wait to see the one with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  You can't go wrong with those two girls!

As for Fast and the Furious, I loved it!  Of course, when you've made it to #6 and you know that #7 is in production, you don't have to really sell me on the FF franchise at this point.

The Internship was also hilarious!  It wasn't too crude, but it had one or two scenes that may have been a little too much.  Oh, and Google, if you are out there and following me, I would love to blog for you!

#3 - Comic Books
It really is sad, I know, but leave it to me to discover that there is indeed an Archie Comic Books app.  I take one step towards adulthood and two steps back to being ten.  I might have downloaded all of these to read.  Here's the good news!  ALL of these were ones they had for free.

#4 - Bloglovin' & Instagram
Don't forget to follow me.  Google Reader disappears for good next week and Instagram, well it is my new obsession.  I'm doing my best to post pictures there that I'm not using on my blog.    You can click on either of the images to go follow me.

#5 - Flip Flops
I think I've said a bajillion times that I love a good pair of flip flops.  Well, I added these to my collection.  They might just be better than my Croc flip flops.

Alright, definitely come back tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Second Grade Nest's "Day in the Life of..." link up.  I already did mine and can't wait to show you what I did in my day.  Plus, you will get to see what I got my hubby.  Have a Fantabulous Friday friends!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

And the Winner is...

Good Morning!

I think this might be the earliest I've posted all summer.  Believe it or not, I was up before 7:00.  Seriously, I wonder why during the school year I feel like I'm forcing myself out of bed and then during the summer, I wake up bright and early ready to go.  Well, except for my beach trip :)  That week I was wiped out at night and didn't want to get up in the morning.

Alright, done with rambling.  I'm going to try to actually get something accomplished today.  Between Very Jane, Facebook, my new fascination with Instagram, and did I mention Facebook I am not getting much creating done.  I had one winner in the "Guess What's in the Bag?" game.

The winner is:

Covered in Glitter and Glue

Jessica from Covered in Glitter and Glue.  She guessed candy and since gum is candy it counts.  You definitely want to check out her blog.  She's pretty awesome, especially since she likes Frixion pens and  the Beautiful Mess app.  Jessica you can email me at and let me know what you want.

Oh, and if you want to see what was in my bag, here's a picture.  Sad, right?  Who goes to Target and only buys gum, shorts, and medicine?  Well, the hubby was with me and the Back to School stuff doesn't come out until after 4th of July, so yep... that's all I ended up getting.

Tune in next week for another round of "Guess What's in the Bag?"  LOL... I'm a goofball can you tell?

Have a great day and seriously... we'll play another round next week.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautiful Mess & Fun Game

So, my post today was intended for yesterday, but I ran out of time.  Well, technically I didn't run out of time, but I guess I ran out of blinks because I could no longer hold my eyes open to finish what I wanted to share.

Anyway, I am sure most of you probably have heard about Instagram.  If you have an account, I have officially joined.  Just look for 1st Grade Fantabulous.  Well, some of my friends that have been posting pictures the last few weeks have been adding cute little doodles, text, and borders to their pictures.  I decided to do a little digging and discovered that most of them are using an App called Beautiful Mess.  I went and got it yesterday for $2 and played with it last night.  Here are the screenshots and instructions I added for each area of Beautiful Mess.  If you are like me, I want visuals.

Now that you've seen all the pictures, I have some great news and a little bit of irritating news.  Which should I start with?  I think I'll give you the irritating news first.  Beautiful Mess isn't available on the Android Market yet.  I know right?  Irritating!  Once again, Apple products have everything.  Well, here's a solution if you want to be able to decorate your pictures, but you have a Droid.  Several of my friends use an app called Phonto.  I haven't had time to play with it yet, but when I downloaded it I was able to get it for free.

Alright, time to go work.  Have a great day!

Oh, I forgot to give you the great news, huh?  Well, I had this random idea yesterday that I thought would be kind of fun.  I had to run to Target yesterday to grab a few things.  Below is a picture of the bag that I was given with everything I bought.  I'm creating a game called "Guess What's in the Bag?"  Here's how you play.  Everyone gets ONE chance to leave me a comment naming ONE item that they think is in my bag.  You guess by leaving me a comment in my feedback section at the bottom of this post.  All guesses are due by 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 27 also known as tomorrow.  You can guess something someone else has already guessed.  For example, if someone guesses an iPad (that isn't in the bag people) then more people can guess that.  So quick review.

One guess... one item... by 9 a.m. on 6/27.

Winners will be announced in my blog post tomorrow and will get to pick anything under $5 in my store.  Check back tomorrow to see if you are a winner!

Now, go do something fun!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun at the Beach

To me, there is nothing better than spending a relaxing vacation at the beach.  That's what I got to do last week.  I spent five days at the beach with my hubby's family.  If you are thinking about taking a vacation to the beach, I thought I'd share with you all of the highs and lows of the week.  Plus, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the places that we visited, where we ate, etc.  I know I am a planner, so maybe this post will be useful to you.  By the way, most of the headers have the links to the restaurants and places.  If you click on the header, it will take you to the website for that place, so you can check it out yourself.

Before we even left, we ran to Walmart and grabbed a few things and put together buckets for my twin nieces.  We filled them up with a lot of little things that they could use at the pool, the beach, or in the car.  I started them probably two months before we even left.  Oh, and if you compare things like I do,  Walmart towels are cuter than Target this year.  Crazy, but true fact.  Here are the towels we grabbed.  I bet you can't guess which ones are mine!

Alright, so my hubby and I left on Tuesday morning.  We had to drive to my parents to drop off our little Bella first.  She was a little anxious, but she did great.  Here's a picture of Bella with my niece (a.k.a. her new best friend).

Once we dropped her off, I worked on blogging while we were driving.  I found a cool little gadget at Best Buy that allowed me to plug my laptop into the cigarette lighter so my laptop worked the entire way to to the beach.  It also helps that I had wifi on my phone.  I swear, my car was a mini office.

We got to Ft. Morgan, Alabama around 4:00.  If you are unfamiliar with Ft. Morgan (I was) it is around  15 miles from Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The one thing our entire family has agreed on is we want to stay on the beach next year and either in Gulf Shores or Panama City.  Ft. Morgan was nice, but we weren't right on the beach, so we had to drive to go to the beach.  That made it more difficult to run in and out of the place, especially with toddlers.  We also had to drive more to get places which wasn't too big of a deal, but it meant most nights we were leaving around 3:45 or 4:00 for dinner.

Now, here is a list of the places we ate.  We all had different opinions on what we liked the most, so I will tell you what tasted great and what we could have skipped food-wise.  Oh, and here are pictures of some of the t-shirts I collected during our trip.  I am a t-shirt kind of girl in the summer, so I loved getting a few new ones to add to my collection.

Restaurant #1 - Gulf Island Grill
My hubby and I ate there the first night.  He got a chicken sandwich and I got a pound and a half of crab legs.  My meal was incredible.  It came with a piece of corn, a potato, and the crab legs.  I didn't leave anything on my plate.  He didn't care for his chicken sandwich.  So, if you are going for seafood, this is a great place.  It was kind of nice because we got there around 6:00 and it wasn't crowded yet.  By the time we left, it was packed.

Restaurant #2 - Lamberts (Home of the Throwed Roll)

I ate at Lamberts when I was in high school and loved it.  Everyone had been wanting to go, so we went Wednesday night.  It was good, but know you don't go here for seafood.  This is a restaurant you visit for the experience.  Most of the food is also fried, so be prepared for that.  The best part is they literally throw rolls.  You raise your hand and they chunk a hot roll across the room to you.  Then, they have paper towels on the tables.  They come around with pots of different sides like fried okra and give you a scoop on the paper towel.  As my meal, I got fried pork chops and my hubby got country fried steak.  Both of us loved our meals, but only ate maybe 1/3 of it.  By the time we had eaten rolls, okra, etc. we didn't have much room for our actual dinner.  Oh, and be on the look out for tricks :)  Our waiter pulled two on us and they were hilarious.  One involved a fake tea pitcher.  Make sure to take cash or have a check ready.  They DO NOT take credit cards (there is a machine up front if you need cash).

Restaurant #3 - Tacky Jacks II
We ate lunch here on Thursday.  The waitress was great and we all agreed that the sweet tea here was the best.  Some of the things we ate were fried crab claws, fried gator bites, fried oysters, fried fish... are you seeing a trend?  Everything I tried here was wonderful, but I have discovered I don't like fried foods in the summer when it's hot.  My favorite thing I tried here was the fried gator bites.  They were great and tasted a lot like fried chicken.

Restaurant #4 - Lulu's at Homeport Marina
This restaurant is really neat, especially if you have kids.  They have all sorts of neat things to do (a ropes course, sand piles, volleyball court).  Plus, it is owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister Lucy Buffett.  My hubby and I tried to go Tuesday night and it was packed.  What we did is went ahead and bought a shirt and went back for lunch on Friday.  Lulu's opens at 11:00, so if you get there right at 11:00 there isn't a wait.  We got chips with salsa and queso for an appetizer. The salsa was incredible (not hot and definitely fresh).  I also ordered a Virgin mango colada that was pretty good.  Then, for lunch I got a Cheeseburger in Paradise with cheddar cheese and pineapple added to it.  I loved my burger, but didn't care for my fries.  Of course, my hubby LOVED the fries.  To me, the food was good, but was similar to burgers you usually get.  However, I'd definitely go back because Lulu's is more about the experience and some more t-shirts.

Restaurant #5 - Oyster House
We got to the Oyster House a little before 5:00 and the wait was already an hour.  The neat thing is it is on a boardwalk, so you can walk around and shop while you are waiting.  We took full advantage of that.  I got a t-shirt here and a few Archie comic books (by this point of the summer, I can't focus long enough to read more than that).  Once we got in the restaurant, we thought this would be the best yet.  The salad bar was huge and the place was packed.  My hubby ordered a burger and cheese bites as an appetizer.  My brother-in-law got a chicken sandwich.  My sister-in-law and I went all out and got two pounds of crab legs with the salad bar.  She also added onto her meal the World Famous cheese grits.

Most of the food was great, but I have to tell you guys, the crab legs were terrible.  I had crab legs three days before that were incredible, so I knew something wasn't right.  I tried my best not to say anything, but they were overcooked.  Typically, crab meat is white with some red.  I took a piece home to take a picture to show you guys.  Our crab meat was brown.  My sister-in-law said something, so they brought us some more.  The ones they brought us wouldn't even crack.  They were like rubber.  The waitress and manager were very sweet, so we didn't say anything else.  I moved mine around so it would look like I ate them.  Everyone with me agreed that everything was good except the crab claws, so if you go there, skip those and you should be fine.

Now, for some of our activities.  Before I list those, I have to apologize.  We wimped out and never went to play putt-putt.  We decided after the Oyster House we wanted to go swimming instead, so we didn't test putt-putt out, but we did see a lot of places that looked great!

Activity 1 - Fort Morgan
If you aren't a beach or pool girl and you want to learn on your trip, this was a neat little place to go.  I was the whiny one on this trip because if I'm going to be hot, I want to be on the beach or next to a pool.  The fort was pretty neat though.  They have a guy that gives the tour or you can walk around on your own.  You can see old cannons, living quarters, and obviously the fort.  They also have a small museum where you can see photographs, artifacts, and buy t-shirts.

Activity 2 - Alvin's Island
Is a beach trip complete if you don't go to Alvin's Island?  My hubby and I got my nieces and nephews gifts from here.  One of the things we got was a football that doesn't absorb water.  We discovered how important that was on Day 1.  I also took a picture of my sister-in-law playing with the mustache

Activity 3 - The Pier
You have to pay to go on this pier, but it's the longest one in the gulf, so to us it was worth it.  There were tons of people fishing on it when we went.  There's a restaurant at the beginning of the pier.  Here's one of the pictures we took.  It's definitely something to experience at least once, but I'd be okay with not going again.

Activity 4 - Krispy Kreme Donuts 
Hot sign was on!  That is all.

Activity 5 - Tanger Outlets
We did this on the last day of our trip.  By then, most of us needed a little break from the sun.  I ended up loading up on school clothes.  It isn't a secret that I love Talbots, The Loft, and Polo.  I got a ton from The Loft and Polo, so I skipped Talbots on this trip.  I bought two or three of these shirts from The Loft last summer and immediately wished I had gotten more.  My favorite thing about them is they are thin (perfect for August recesses) and you can gain/lose weight and they will fit you a little longer than most shirts.  As you can see, I love color.  They had most of these shirts in 10 to 20 different colors and patterns.  Plus, they are cheaper than they are at the stores.  I got several Polo shirts because I always like the fact I can throw those on when I don't have any other options.  Polo also had the shirts with the little ties for under $20.  I grabbed two of those.  I turned the pink one sideways so you could see the sleeve.   I also got a few other things like the Georgia t-shirt, but thought I'd post my shirts since those stores are in most states (I think).

Alright, sorry for the long post.  Hope this helps!  Off to create and update.